Understanding logger modes

The logger operates in one of three possible modes

"silent mode":

  This is the normal mode of the logger, which it enters by default. In this mode, loggers registers all parameters including proximity of surrounding beacons (beacons of employees, regions and other loggers included in the beacon mode)

"beacon mode":

 the same as "silent mode", but the logger simultaneously works as a beacon and other loggers record distances to it

"active mode" (peripheral mode): 

in this mode, loggers does not register proximity to beacons, but it transmits packets about its activity and waits for mobile app connections.
Switching to this mode is possible in two ways:
1) by pressing the logger button. In this case the logger switches to the active mode for 1 minute (this time can be changed in the logger's settings)
2) Loggers switche to the active mode if they receive a beacon signal that corresponds to the wake-up code specified in the settings. The default wake-up code of the logger is 65535